"I originally worked with Amy on the logo and website for Momentum Advantage Career Services. I wanted something fun, fresh, clean-- something that would feel like the opposite of the boring, corporate career services sites I had seen. Amy gave me an exact visual representation of everything I told her. It was uncanny.

A year later, when I was ready to start an offshoot for a slightly different audience, Your Industry Insider, a website featuring entertainment career information, I came back to Amy for help with the logo and header. Once again, Amy helped me take what I felt and thought about my business at its core and made it visibal, almost like she translated my thoughts and then showed them to me. I knew I had been heard. "

Jenny Yerrick Martin
Owner | Principal
Momentum Advantage Career Services and Your Industry Insider

“It is rare to find a talented designer with a genuine depth of imagination, commitment to excellence, and generosity of spirit. Those are the qualities that will make or break your project. Those are the qualities that will ensure a wholly satisfying creative experience. And those are the qualities that set Amy apart.

Two years ago, I needed someone who could help me design the packaging for my audio book (cover, logo, and CD labels.) With Amy, I got someone who was both willing and able to be a full collaborator on the branding of my products and services. She was enthusiastic and encouraging from beginning to end. When I brought her concepts that were vague and unformed, her feedback revealed a keen sense of intuition. When I brought her ideas that were specific and detailed, her willingness to execute exactly what I wanted to see revealed a refreshing lack of ego. Unlike so many designers, Amy's agenda was never to put "her stamp" on the project. Rather, she was dedicated to using her gifts to make me and my products shine.

If you already like her style, then I am certain you will be thrilled with her substance.”

Kristine Oller
Personalized Organization